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          >>>Recent Updates
          Newly added and updated buildings
          Bob Casey Federal Courthouse
          Also recently updated:
          >Houston Police Department Headquarters >NRG Stadium
          >Enterprise Plaza >806 Main
          >The Westin Houston Downtown >Kinder Morgan Building
          >LyondellBasell Tower >13 Celsius
          >>>Latest Forum Discussions
          > Center for Pursuit: 3-story Office at Harrisburg & Eastwood > Skanska Downtown Mixed-Use Development
          > Future International Routes Out of IAH > Braes Oaks Center
          > Parker Brothers (not the game company) > Blossom Hotel Houston: 16-Story Hotel
          > UTHealth Continuum of Care Campus for Behavioral Health > The Woman?s Hospital of Texas Houston Campus Expansion
          > American Cancer Society Hope Lodge > Avondale on Main Street
          >>>Top 10
          The most popular buildings on Houston Architecture Info
          1 Williams Tower 6 Elder Street Artists Lofts
          2 Levy Memorial Community Hall 7 Heritage Plaza
          3 JPMorgan Chase Tower 8 The Bank of America Center
          4 712 Main 9 1 Shell Plaza
          5 Wells Fargo Bank Plaza 10 New Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral